Making Mash

cooking mashed potatoes with a preschooler

cooking mashed potatoes with a preschooler

I’m not a great fan of potatoes mostly because I don’t like cooking them.  Round my way, they come covered in soil which makes the process of cooking them even more labour intensive.  As far as I’m concerned, if you’re gonna eat a white grain, you might as well cook some pasta that is ready in 8 minutes with no washing, no peeling, no mess.  So, having bought a couple of kiloes of small potatoes, I was keen to cook ’em up and be rid of them.

What a pleasure it was when I invited my 4 year old to give me a hand with this task I hate.  She thought peeling the blessed things was great fun (they were pre-boiled) and had even more fun cutting them up and then mashing.   To my surprise she even ate them afterwards which I was delighted with as she normally turns her nose up at all things potato not deep-fried!

Magnetic Letters

Santa brought a bunch of fridge magnet letters which my daughter showed very little interest in after the first session of sticking them to the fridge.  Once she did that, my toddler of course immediately plucked them off and I kept finding them all over the house.  One day when cleaning I had a brainwave which helped to keep the preschooler occupied while I got on with my tidying.  I tried to explain how magnets work and encouraged her to find metallic things around the house.  It worked in that it kept her entertained for a while but we’ll need another couple of sessions I think before she really gets the concept!