About ME

Hi there!  I’m a Maltese-Irish, 30-something mom of 2 girls living here on this little rock stranded in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

I’ve just created this blog as I’m in dire need of a new hobby to replace an evening wine swilling habit that I somehow developed.  This blog will be about my journey on a road to well-being and fitness through eating healthy super foods, yoga and exercise.  I started down this road a couple of months ago when I took up yoga (again) and quit smoking (again).  Then,  I was offered a free Life Coaching session.  My life coach told me I technically didn’t need any further sessions and gave me a score of 70%.  I was quite happy with that until a light-bulb moment when I realised that apparently I’m scoring 70% in life!!!  I was an A-grade student at uni!!  What happened?  So, this is my time for a change.  Time for a bit work, some sweat, some tears and all that writing I’ve been thinking about for years :).

I must confess that my memory is terrible so I will also be using this blog to keep a diary of the weird, wonderful and funny things my kiddies say.

In reality, I’m probably just having a mid-life crisis.  But hey, if I can emerge from it fitter, healthier & happier, there can’t be anything wrong with it!

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