In Malta, i prefer staying in a family house to in a hotel.

You can stay there with your friends.

Malta is an island, there are many beaches where you can play beach football or volleyball. At night you can go to many pubs and discos.

In Malta there are also many hotels that are very cheap where you can stay during your holiday.

if you are in Malta, you must see the beautiful beach of Comino. In Comino the water is so clear; here isn’t a sandy beach but a beach with small stones, like gravel. If you go into the water, it makes you look like blue. In Comino there are also a lot of caves. (I’ve never visited a cave in Malta but, one day, i hope to visit one of they. In the center of the most popular city (Like Valletta or St. Julians) There are a lot of pubs. They are awesome, the people who hang out in these types of pubs are very crazy but cool. very often they are older than us. The bays are also amazing, the water by the shore is not clear, but further out it becomes clear.

What you can learn in Malta.

Malta is a beatiful island in the mediterannean sea, where you can learn a lot of thinghs.


The most important thing that you can learn is English, one of the official languages of the island.

The other is Maltese.

In addiction, you can also learn the beatiful culture and history of  Malta .

You can also learn the social, economical and political situation of the island.

Another important thing that you can enjoy is without a doubt the ambience of Malta

Coatting to Malta from Reggio Emilia

i left my home at 14.00h and i arrived to Bologna’s airport at 15.20h.

In Bologna’s airport i met Luca,Lisa,Laura and Alessandro. When we were alll together we did a checked_in. After the checked_in we went to the waiting room. The plain tokk off airport at 17.00 h the plane we played cards before we arrived

We arrived in Malta at 19.00h and there we expect our luggage. After this we took a taxi to Mo’s house.We arrived at Mo’s house at 20.00 hThe trip from my house to Mo’s House was 6 hours long.


I think travelling by boat or by taxi is expensive so i suggest taking the bus it”s cheaper ( than boats or taxis). Although sometimes the buses are very full. if you have a lot of energy, you can go for a walk around Malta. The cars go very fast so it”s better not to travel by bike. If you get lost in Malta’s streets call the emergency number. Malta is a very beautiful island!
Enjoyed your travel 🙂


In Malta you can do a lots of things like go to parties on Friday or Saturday night, they are really cool and fun. Near the discos there is a cinema and a bowling alley. In Malta there are also many beaches and the best one is Golden Bay with very beautiful water. On the beach you can do lots of things with your friends ( not only have a swim the sea 0 like play volleyball and other games. In Malta you can also take a trip with a boat such as Comino a very intresting island. In Malta there are so many things you can do !